COVID-19 policy

 As Paramount Physical Therapy is committed to providing a safe environment for patients, staff, and guests, we have developed the following guidelines.


1)    If you are uncertain about your current health status or possibility of exposure to COVID-19, we ask you to communicate any related concerns with us as soon as possible.


2)    We are requiring all individuals to wear appropriate fitting masks while inside the clinic.  We recognize that COVID-19 is transmissible through airborne droplets that can be reduced with the proper use of masks.  We understand that toddlers, infants, and individuals with respiratory health conditions may have limited tolerance to masks.  We also recognize that there are treatments and activities that may require removal of masks.  In such instances, we ask to be respectful of the health of others through minimizing contact and maintaining social distancing. 


3)    Social distancing is to be observed.  We recognize that risk of transmission can also be reduced by remaining 6 feet apart from others when possible.  At any time, the clinic may include individuals exercising, and staff moving about the common areas.  We ask all staff and guests to be mindful of others and maintain distancing where possible.


4)    We recognize that health care for patients can also be enhanced by family members and social support.  We also recognize that many patients may require accompaniment by a spouse/companion/guardian due to physical limitations following injury or surgery.  As we appreciate the support and assistance, we are asking that anyone accompanying patients be limited only to those involved in their physical care, and parent/guardian of a minor. 


5)    We request that patients arrive at or slightly prior to their scheduled appointment time.  In effort to reduce the number of people in the clinic to only those receiving care, patients may be asked to wait in the waiting area or outside until their appointment time.  In the event that a patient is not comfortable waiting inside the clinic and would prefer to wait outside or in their vehicle, we are happy to arrange a courtesy call when their appointment is ready. 


6)    We are pre-screening each individual entering the clinic.  This will include questions regarding symptoms and exposure, and a temperature check.


7)    All surfaces, equipment, tables, counters will be cleaned with CDC approved disinfectant.


8)    Staff will treat every patient with proper universal precautions.  This includes handwashing and sanitizing between each patient.


9)    We are providing a sanitizing station equipped with hand sanitizer and masks for all guests.


10)   We ask everyone to comply with precautions to help minimize risk or spread of the virus.  We encourage everyone to cough or sneeze into a sleeve or tissue when necessary.  Please wash your hands frequently.  And if you feel ill, or you believe you have been exposed to the virus, we ask you to follow up with your physician immediately, stay home, and please let us know.